What we do

We can help you to prove IPR infingements,            to find hidden or locked information and                we offer you world class information security.

prove illegal use of ideas IPR Investigations

Our professional IPR team carries out technical investigation about potential IPR infringements. We have specialised in patents related to smartphones and other telecommunication equipment.

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recover lost or hidden information Data recovery and analysis

We are well known for the ability to uncover hidden information from difficult devices like locked smartphones or computers. Please describe us your problem in detail and we shall see how we can help you.

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Secure your data Information Security

If you suspect that somebody has hacked into your system, you should let us find out whether this is the case or if this a false alarm.

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our strenghts why work with us?

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our compact team keeps secrets Confidentiality

This is a compact team of top specialists who are able to keep secrets to themeselves.


world class security Professionalism

We can offer you world class security services.

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fast response to your requests responsiveness

We shall answer to your requests within hours.

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